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County of El Paso
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Item Title:Auditors - Audit and Settle
Submitted By:Edward A. Dion, County Auditor, County Auditor's Office (915) 546-2040
Subject:Pursuant to the Texas Local Government Code, Section 115.021, audit and settle all accounts against the County shown on the attached listing and direct the payment of those accounts.
Background:Authorize disbursement of funds in payment of claims against the County for goods and services, pursuant to Texas Local Government Code, Section 115.021.
Fiscal Impact:See Attachment
Recommendation:Approval of Claims
Prior Action:N/A
Strategic Plan:..
Strategic Plan Information:

DescriptionUpload Date
paid claims3/4/2021
Attorney Payments for March 1, 20213/4/2021
Manual List3/5/2021